Leo: The Performer of the Zodiac

Leo: The Performer of the Zodiac

The Lion. What comes to mind? Strength and power? Courage and majesty? Protection and pride? Family and affection? These are a quick Google search’s results of keywords for the symbolism of a lion, but what do these translate into when it comes to Leo the Lion in astrology?

All of these traits are what we associate with people who were born under the Lion’s Sun, present in the sky between approximately July 22nd and August 23rd. They come into this world wanting and needing to be acknowledged. For Leo, it is a must to be seen and celebrated. They thrive on attention and often excel in creative endeavors and performing arts.

“Look At Me! Look At Me!” Says Leo

To understand this need for attention and recognition, it helps to know that the Sun rules the sign of Leo. In Astrology, the Sun is what describes our ego, our life force. It’s what defines that central part of our personality. It only makes sense that when you have such a major planet ruling your sign, it’s going to bring a big personality. We can easily see the relationship between the two – they both need to be the center of the Universe. The Sun needs to be the center of the Universe for obvious reasons. Without it, our whole solar system would drift off into space. For people born under the sign of Leo, the need is a little less intense but still very much important. To quote Steven Forrest, “Attention is a life – giver. Being taken seriously is a life – giver”.  

This is not to make Leo’s sound completely egotistical, though. The true essence of Leo is authentic self-expression. Meaningful attention. Leo is all about putting yourself out there, being vulnerable, and taking the risk of being your true self. What Leos really seek is that positive validation that comes after putting yourself out there, vulnerability and all, and being accepted – even celebrated. You can have all of the attention in the world, but if it’s not feeding your soul, it doesn’t hold much meaning. The other truth is that without having that attention and being noticed, nobody can thrive. We all need to be noticed for being our true selves. 

As Above, So Below

The Sun may have a powerful influence on those born during Leo season, but before we go thinking Leo’s are the only ones who want attention. The truth is the Sun actually plays a huge role for all of us. Just as the Sun holds our solar system together, it holds each and every one of us together too. Wherever the Sun sits in your birth chart is actually where your core values come from. Each of the twelve signs have their own set of values, and if we can learn the values of our own Sun sign and live by them, we have the ability to live a truly meaningful life. We can all learn from Leo and let our truest selves shine for the world to see. 

We actually all have a little Leo in us as Leo also rules the 5th house. So find the 5th house in your birth chart and you’ll find where Leo flavors your personality. The houses represent what behaviors we may demonstrate or how we may act out these personality traits. We all have a part of us that we want the world to see, and it’s totally normal to want to stand out from the crowd. It just comes across differently for each person, since no two people have the same birth chart. 

You Can’t Shine Bright Without A Shadow

And of course there’s always the shadow side. We can’t escape life without some darkness in our lives, and honestly, it’s not all bad if you use it to learn and grow. I’m sure you can imagine what the shadow side of Leo would be. We probably witness it more often than we would like to admit. We all know how it feels when someone doesn’t notice us or ignores us.. Just like a child acts out when they’re not getting the attention they desire, adults are not so different.. we just show it in different ways.

Leo’s natural inclination to seek attention can make them selfish or angry when they do not receive it. The most famous example of the shadow sign of Leo is the character of Scar from The Lion King (how fitting he’s actually a lion, too). This is someone who will find a way to take the attention they’re craving at any cost. 

Dealing with the Leo Shadow

So what’s a Leo to do? The biggest lesson Leo needs to learn in this life is to shine, even if nobody is watching. Learn to give yourself the love and attention you crave. When you find your true self and what really makes you happy, and love yourself for being the unique person you are, it won’t matter as much what others think. Leo actually can benefit from learning from its opposite sign, Aquarius. Aquarian’s love being different and will be themselves regardless of what you think. Of course, they’re opposites and we’re not saying Leos should try to be Aquarians. That’s straight up ridiculous. All we’re saying is learn to love you and embrace your journey in this life. Of course, if you’d like to find out more about yourself or dive deeper into your chart, we would love to work with you! 

“You can fool people. You can fool anybody any time of the day, but you can’t fool yourself. At night, when you go home, you’ve got to be straight up with you.” – Whitney Houston

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