Whats holding me back from abundance?

Dear Cards, What is Holding Me Back From Abundance in Life?

I’ve been struggling with the idea of what’s holding me back from feeling like I deserve abundance in my life. I’m dealing with some stressful stuff at the moment that links back to my childhood, so I decided to ask my cards for some clarification. I asked my deck, “What is holding me back from abundance in life?”

As I was shuffling, a stack of three cards fell out. It was the Six of Wands, the reversed Four of Coins (or the Four of Pentacles in some decks), and the reversed Five of Swords. I then I flipped over the top card of my shuffled deck and received The Star. Wanting to practice my intuitive reading skills, I didn’t look at my books for keywords or descriptions of the cards. I just went with what I know about the numbers and the suits.

What I Think the Six of Wands Says About My Abundance in Life

At a basic level, the Six of Wands represents harmony or adjustment of spirit or heart. What stood out to me in the image was a smiling woman riding on a beautifully decorated horse and holding a spear. She looks full of pride like she’s accomplished something, and the fact that she’s riding toward the left means to me that she’s leaving a place holding that feeling. The message that I got from this card was that I need to embrace my inner fiery spirit and the passion I hold in my heart. It feels to me like I need to sit up high and proud with my witch wand in hand, and smile proudly in the face of whatever comes my way. The Universe is telling me that not using my inner witch in creative ways is holding me back from abundance in life.

Traditional Interpretations of the Six of Wands

Interestingly, the keywords from my deck’s booklet for the 6 of Wands are “victory, praise, achievement, reward, and fame.” From the book of Biddy Tarot, the keywords are “success, public recognition, progress, and self-confidence.” In her book, she describes the Six of Wands as being an indicator of having reached an important milestone. She says, “You harnessed your strengths and talents to bring about a happy outcome in your endeavors and made it through the chaos of the Five of Wands, minimizing your distractions and focusing on the task at hand.”

This card suggests that I’m beginning to receive public recognition for my efforts and gaining confidence that will give me strength to continue. “The Six of Wands also encourages you to put yourself out there and be proud of what you achieved. Shout your successes from the rooftop and set it all out there for others to see and cheer you on… Now is your time to shine!” I’ve gotta say that I’m pretty proud of my intuitive interpretation of this card for myself!

What I Think the Four of Coins Reversed Says About My Abundance in Life

Now, moving onto my reversed Four of Coins. With the suit and numerological meanings, it represents stability or manifestation in the material world or in wealth. This card shows a woman looking slightly fearful being protected by a large bird (looks like a vulture to me). She’s hiding three of the four coins behind her, telling me that she’s holding onto a portion of her money, but willing to let go of a little bit.

With it coming to me reversed, I think it’s showing me that I’m scared of the abundance and wealth I could have if I were to embody the spirit of the Six of Wands. The woman on the card doesn’t necessarily look like she’s hoarding her money, but more preserving it in case of an emergency. I know that I have some issues with spending money when I have it, so I’m thinking this card is pointing that out to me and telling me to stop.

Traditional Interpretations of the Four of Coins Reversed

Looking into the book interpretation of this card, the deck booklet keywords for the 4 of Coins reversed are “gambling, recklessness, letting go, generosity, large purchases,” and the Biddy Tarot book’s keywords are “over-spending, greed, self-protection.” Her reversed description of the Four of Coins says that it can show up when you’re reassessing your priorities, particularly when it comes to money and wealth (which I have been deeply thinking about my big why for why I want money other than just to buy nice things).

“You may have placed too much value on material possessions and have now come to the realization that money and ‘things’ won’t make you happy – only love will do that.” She says that this card reversed can indicate that money slips through my fingers and I have a habit of spending more than my means, whether it be intentional or unconsciously hoping it would bring the happiness I’m looking for. Again, I think I did pretty good at reading this one for myself. *Gives self high five*

What I Think the Five of Swords Reversed Says About My Abundance in Life

The reversed Five of Swords stumped me a wee bit. Suit and numerology wise, it means power or conflict in the mind, understanding or intellect. This card has a woman in the foreground crying with her face in her hands. In the background, there is a man sitting above her looking pleased while looking at one of the swords which he holds in his hands, while the other 4 are pointed down in front of him within arms reach of the woman.

There is a silhouette of a bird flying through the sky in the far background. When I noticed that, I also saw that there was a hummingbird silhouette in the Four of Coins as well. I believe my Grandpa visits me as a hummingbird at times, so that was a nice little message. I feel like this card is telling me that the power to resolve my conflict with money is within reach. If I look above to something greater than myself, to the free bird in the sky, I too will be able to soar with the freedom I desire.

Traditional Interpretations of the Five of Swords Reversed

So, let’s see what the books say about this one. The deck booklet keywords for the reversed Five of Swords are “resolution, compromise, sacrifice, peace, justice,” and Biddy Tarot’s are “reconciliation, making amends, past resentment.” Her reversed description reads, “As a card of conflict, tension, and disagreement, the Five of Swords reversed shows that you want this period of fighting to be over so you can forgive and forget, and then focus on your energies on more constructive activities such as restoring your relationship back to normal.” So, in my case, it’s a relationship with money.

She says that this card can show that there have been times in my life where I have tried to leave this issue behind, but it seems to keep following me. An old wound has been reopened (childhood traumas resurfacing perhaps?) and are causing fear and tension associated with money. It’s possible that I could be feeling resentment from an argument with someone close to me. Well, yeah, that’s definitely one I’m feeling. I need to address this conflict in order for me to move forward. So far, so good, yeah?

What I Think the Star Says About My Abundance in Life

Last, but certainly not least, the Star. I’m still learning about the archetypal symbolism of the Major Arcana. Nevertheless, I can use numerology and the card pictures to make sense of it.. The Star is the number 17 in the Major Arcana, so if we bring that down to a single digit, it becomes 8, symbolizing rebirth and change. This image has a girl holding a lamb while she sits on the forest floor looking up at the stars. The lamb’s eyes are closed, and the girl looks desperate, leading me to think the lamb has died or is dying and the girl is praying for help. She has a toe in the water, showing that there is an emotional aspect in the card. However, she’s firmly seated on the ground, not allowing herself to drown in potential grief.

Traditional Interpretation of The Star

The keywords from my deck booklet on the Star card are “hope, serenity, inspiration, insight, spirituality”. Biddy’s keywords are “hope, faith, purpose, renewal, spirituality.” She quotes Dante Alighieri, the poet, to represent this card. He says, “If you follow your star, you cannot fail of glorious heaven.” I love the quotes she uses in her book. Following the Tower, which represents massive change and upheaval, the Star shows that I have had many challenges and have stripped myself of limiting beliefs. Or perhaps it’s telling me this is what I need to do to heal my relationship with money and abundance. My core essence and who I am deep down under all my layers are shining. I know that I’m always connected to the Divine and have a new appreciation for the core of my Being (super true).

This card tells me I’m allowed to dream! My dreams might just come true if I keep my heart full of hope and soul uplifted. I’m in the process of finding for rediscovering a sense of meaning and purpose in my life (yuuuppp). I’m making intense changes and transforming myself for the better in order to align with my Higher Self. The Star says, “Out with the old and in with the new”. It also suggests a generous spirit and wanting to give or share wealth with others. This is a huge part of my big why for creating abundance in wealth in my life. I dream of creating a travel fund/scholarship for low-income families and individuals, enabling them to explore the world and immerse themselves in their homelands or places of interest.

The Story of the Cards

I think the story of these cards says to get ON my high horse and speak my truth with pride. To gain the confidence to break free from my fear of money. Shadow work needs to be done to learn why I have spend rather than save. Grabbing the swords (which represent intellect) within my reach is how I end this battle with my fear of money. Following my star, I won’t fall short of what I want to achieve in life. That is to have enough that give back to others in hopes that they don’t struggle like I have.

So with all of that in mind, I made myself a little prosperity spell jar. I even did a power and abundance candle spell with my Mia Magik music playlist playing.

I wanted to share a bit about myself, and how I use Tarot to sort out convoluted thoughts. Reading Tarot is something I really enjoy, and will add it as one of my services at some point. But for now, I still need to work on learning the cards better.

I am pretty damn proud of myself for how well I did without looking at any books at first!

With cosmic love,
Heidi Rozzano
Inner Love Astrology

The deck I use is Tarot of the Divine by Yoshi Yoshitani

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