Aries: The Pioneer of the Zodiac

Aries: The Pioneer of the Zodiac

Ah, springtime. The season of beginnings and blossoms and the activation of nature’s creatures. Bears come out of hibernation and the birds fly back to the north and begin to nest and lay their eggs. The days get longer and warmer as the humans come out to play. This is the season that begins with Aries, the fire sign of the ram.

Aries is the pioneer, the warrior, the daredevil, and the survivor. People born under the Arian Sun are born between March 20th and April 20th, depending on the year. Someone with a strong Aries signature is often assertive and a natural leader. They might have a competitive nature to them and might not be the best team player. With quick wit and innovation attributing to them thriving on challenges, the Aries native chooses to face them head on. Innocence and vulnerability often go hand in hand, and when emotions are strong, can result in an absence of empathy. Despite this, Arians are probably the ones you think of when you think of someone fighting for the underdog.

Aries’ Values

This pioneer values freedom, seeks the thrill of life, and plays to win. The Aries existential courage teaches us to have the willpower to overcome obstacles, intimidation, and doubt. To be selfish with sensitivity and openness, these natives have the ability to unapologetically stake their claim in life. They don’t get lost in their feelings, or those of others, so that they are able to grow the way they need to without anyone standing in their way. When they have their mind set on a goal, they are unstoppable. Well, until the work or tasks get too monotonous, then they might try something new and be unstoppable at that. Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries seeks to meld desire and action into freedom from the opinions of others, their own fear, and of any restraints. They choose existence over surrender and extinction.

The Aries archetype is about survival. It is a sign of courage and surviving at all costs, which includes the cost of others’ feelings. “Eat or be eaten,” says the Aries. We all have this raw and primal instinct linked to our self-respect and dignity. It’s the same instinct that drives you to protect yourself and your loved ones when they are in danger. This is the same energy that gets activated when we watch most action movies or hear stories about vigilante justice. You know, the ones where someone’s loved one gets kidnaped or killed and you cheer for them for the next hour and a half watching them get bloody revenge. John Wick has some serious Ram vibes.

The Shadow

The cardinal fire shares some tendencies, like having a tendency to be indecisive and end up procrastinating with its opposite sign, Libra. There’s a difficulty of saying no within the two opposites from an attitude of prioritizing a peaceful existence at any cost holds the allure of great promises, but often fails to deliver substantial results.

In dealing with the shadow side of the Ram and into the enlightened side, during times of conflict or disagreement, use adequate force, but it is imperative that they use no more than what’s necessary. Arians should set boundaries and be assertive enough to defend them. The passionate Aries should be careful to not let their passion take too strong of a hold on them. They need to be cautious of drama and recognize that the natural intensity that you have isn’t for everyone and can scare some. That’s okay though. It’s just important for them to be sure to moderate their vigor when they need to and not be assholes instead. Pick your battles. Sometimes there’s victory in walking away from a fight.

The Aries Soul Evolution

On their soul-path of being an enlightened spiritual warrior, Aries’ are here to fight for love, to stand up against all odds, be determined to go beyond limits, and passionate lover of that which is worthy. Never letting fear compromise the decisions they make, living for something beyond themselves in this lifetime, as well as being loyal to their loved ones is the source of their energy, self-respect, and recuperative powers. This is the foundation of their spiritual sanity.


Valuing courage, not confusing it with fearlessness, is a core value for strong Arian individuals. It’s okay to be afraid, but there needs to be an admission of it. Courage is being afraid of something, but doing it anyway in the face of that fear. This is a strategy to utilize to advance on your soul-path, dear Aries. Take reasonable risks and find the courage to talk about sensitive topics.


The ability to adapt under pressure compared to others and their uncanny capacity to not panic are handy tools in the Arian toolkit. They don’t fall apart as easily and are adept at keeping a level head, even taking charge when it’s necessary. Aries is the friend you can count on, especially with the gifts of honesty and directness they have. They expect this from others in return.

“I’ve realized that life is too short to spend my time with anybody who doesn’t appreciate me, treat me with respect or bring value to the relationship.” — Reese Witherspoon (Sun in Aries)

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