Taurus: The Earth Spirit of the Zodiac

Taurus: The Earth Spirit of the Zodiac

You’ve probably read that someone born between April 20th and May 20th is “bull headed” and stubborn because of Taurus being their Sun Sign. While that might be true to an extent, these people can also be very calm. The stubbornness and bull head are more likely to be expressed because of their possessive nature. This applies to their relationships as well by not wanting to share their loved ones with others. “You can’t be friends with them AND me,” says the Taurus. Part of this comes from their need for security and needing to know that you won’t abandon them for the other people in your life. However, they’re always readily available to their tribe with loyalty, love, and understanding.

Those with a Taurus Sun truly enjoy their creature comforts: the Yum Yum factor of life. Having their ego and life force ruled by the planet Venus, the governing planet of Taurus, they look to see beauty in all the things. They’re practical and want to be surrounded by their favorite things and eat the tastiest food available to them. 

Taurus’ Values

Simplistic by nature, they typically thrive on a strict routine and daily structure. On the flip side, they can be extremely self-indulgent and seek pleasure in the world. Extremely sensual, great sex is one of their favorite things and might actively seek it out. When attempting to woo a Taurus, learn the music they love, and maybe take them to dinner at a fancy restaurant or a night in a luxury hotel suite.

When living in accordance with their Sun sign, Taureans are practical, understanding, patient, thorough, and productive. These people are some of the sweetest individuals you’ll meet, and they are slow to anger, although you’d be best to stay away for some time once that anger strikes. Resentment can run deep, so it’s probably a good idea to not intentionally push the buttons of a Taurus. As the saying goes, “You mess with the bull, you get the horns.”

The Shadow of Taurus

As the opposite sign of Scorpio on the Zodiac wheel, they express the shadow side of Taurus as the unpleasant qualities of Scorpio. These temperaments can include a venomous ill-humor, envy, jealousy, and a smoldering rage. Because of this, they fall into the archetype of the grudge-bearer and find near impossible to forgive and forget.

To deal with this shadow side and move toward enlightenment, Taurean individuals must accept that life is always changing. They should give up being so rigid and accept the freedom of making foolish decisions this year, like last year. Acknowledging the difference between material and inner security can avoid excessive sacrifices.

The Taurus Soul Evolution

An enlightened Taurus has an emotional detachment, connected to nature, and dependable.. The lessons they have in this lifetime are to take things slow, value the simple things rather than extravagant, and to share the sensuality they enjoy so much. As an evolutionary goal, Taureans must resolve to a peaceful heart and acknowledge the tension and wounds in their souls. There is no shame in this, and it’s important to realize that this pain comes from the mysteries of the past lives of Taurus Sun natives. They have already won ancient wars, and this lifetime is about winning a peace. People born under the sign of the bull deserve to seek solace. This is the source of their energy, recuperative powers, and spiritual sanity.

Strategy and Tools

The strategy that best serves the bull is to always heed messages from the body and learn to trust gut instincts. Spending time immersed in nature and in silence, as well as listening to music, is a helpful tactic to achieve the solace they crave on a soul level. Leaning into their love of physical touch can take them a long way. Embracing their love for animals helps them stay spiritually sane. Additionally, solar Taureans should steer clear of drama and people who create it. Cultivating their inner silence will help with this.

As a tool to help the Taurus native walk their soul-path, their instincts are sharp, and they need to learn to listen and get in tune with them. Being born with a grounded and earthy nature, Taurus can easily navigate the practical world with little hassle or confusion. Squeamish is not a word in their vocabulary. They have a power in being able to reason in a grounded manner and seeing through pretense and posturing. It is essential to their evolutionary path that Taurus values serenity, naturalness, and simplicity above all else. 

“A minute’s success pays the failure of years.” — Robert Browning (Sun and Mercury in Taurus)

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